English in action 2014

EIA Welcome

On our first day we met our teachers Emily and Kevin. They talked about themselves and we could ask them about their family and their lives in London. Our class was split into two groups. We worked on the project with our teachers one lesson every day. They were very helpful. In our project we worked on different topics. Some of our classmates talked about: breakfast in London, One Direction, famous British singers, Life in London and Austria or Manchester and so on...

On Friday we presented our projects to the other group. We laughed a lot, it was very interesting and humerous.

The last lesson was the best lesson because we worked on our final show. The first group played the fairytale" Snow White and the five dwarfs"-Yes five dwarfs" The second group played the funny story “Dora's trip to London”.

On Friday we were very nervous. We presented our big show to the people who had come to watch us.

The show was really great and the audience enjoyed it, too.

We learned a lot during this week and we all are quite self-confident as far as speaking English is concerned.

We all are sad that the great “English in Action week” is over and we hope that we will see Kevin and Emily again. We really miss them.